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  1. Hi there, it’s Simo the guy of the 24 in the video.
    If u’re keen i found a few different footage clips about some kurt boats. As long as u digit “kurt hughes” on youtube u’ll find some of them 4 sure.


    PS: we copied the corsaire F-27 system to raise the mast and it works perfectly…we had to make a model before building it but right now it works magnificently even singlehanded. Before building that system we had to find 5 people more to help us to rig and unrig the mast without blowing it up..

  2. Also, why are there so few videos? Aside from these guys there is a distinct lack of video out there. Of all designs not Kurt Hughes’ designs.

    In the past, this might have been a problem, but there are HD camcorders waterproof to 10 feet for under 200 bucks. People need to let us see how these boats perform! (The 24 is awesome!)

    If I thought my partner and I could build a composite that would be it. I am afraid the cylinder-molding method won’t be quite the same.

  3. Am trying to get a handle on a couple of your trimaran designs. One being the 24 featured in this video. The other two are the 26ft trailerable (filed under cruising catamarans BTW) and the 23ft under rapid construction.

    There are 2 things I’m wondering about.

    1.Can an amateur builder, willing to invest in the equipment, really build an epoxy-infused glass/foam hull? (this will

    2. How hard is it to raise the rig on these boats? A few of the smaller (and less well designed) trimarans make use of beach-cat or similar rigs and appear to be easy to step and unstep. Not so much single-handed as short-handed.

    (OK – 3 questions)

    3. the 26 mentions “carbon beams” Is there any information on how they are fabricated?

    At least one design has adopted pulltruded fiberglass I-beams. Wondering if you have thoughts on the subject? Though it looks like the aluminum extrusions make more sense

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