Bieker 50 Cat

Maybe the first cat done by Seattleite Paul Bieker? I was told that the design fee was over $100,000. And I have to fight to try to justify every dollar in a fee.
If I may, they will learn that the flat bow tube can break off when the bow slaps down hard in big waves.  And I bet it does a lot of aquarium-mode when it crosses a Pacific harbor bar.
In a line or two, it looks like a Shuttleworth that was smacked with a Polynesian stick, and had a pickers shack was dropped in the middle. But its all carbon don’t forget. I guess the foils get pulled up when they come to the kelp beds.
With a design fee that big, I can be snarky if I want to.


8 thoughts on “Bieker 50 Cat”

  1. But do you think the above 50 footer Catamaran, [ not built ] will foil with 20 ft seas and 60 mph breezes as a designer.

  2. Will the vessel foil with 20 ft seas and 60 mph winds on crossing the ocean like Hydroptere did.


  3. Paul Bieker has now been promoted to I think the Senior Design Engineer for the AC 35, in charge of making sure the structure of the boat is right and that the systems are properly integrated, and he will be involved in the naval architecture side of it as well.

    RE the flat bow tube :

    ARE you sure its all carbon. Perhaps the latest more expensive material that ETNZ uses that’s 4 times stronger and harder to break.

    Had a pickers shack stuck on. Looks like a USA penthouse apartment to me. Perhaps the wife had to be accommodated for the bloke to get his boat, so cabin, coach roof had to look like a penthouse apartment in order for her to go full time sailing with him.


  4. Interviews with the designer for insight. Perhaps, should there be a mishap when foiling on both foils the client does not want the damage the AC 72’s sustained. Oracle sustained massive damage ETNZ less because the design had more bow buoyancy than AC 17. ETNZ still submerged, and sustained less damaged.–Fast-foils-a-conversation-with-Paul-Bieker,-part-I/119759,-part-two/119902


  5. Tell us what you REALLY think! LOL

    Esthetically it really needs more reverse on the bows. And why not carry the forward rake kelp catcher theme above decks as well. Maybe rake the mast forward?

    re design fees: it is 2014 after all. There are only two classes of people—- those with endless money printed for them by the FED and the rest of us who have none. Remember Charlie Munger! There is an inverse relationship between money and common sense, so you must adjust your design fees accordingly!

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