Big Amas Way Out There

This may be one of the best examples of why a trimaran needs big amas way out there.
It could happen to anyone, but a properly built KHSD tri could not push an ama under like that. Long ago when I used to sail the Shaman like a maniac I learned that first hand. We used to watch a foot or so of board sticking out the bottom of the main hull. Big amas way out there are a requirement.
I notice it is not very reefed. Another case of not playing “what-if?” I always tell people to play “what-if” on design features. Don’t accept a famous design because it is Travertine 33 or whatever. Ask “what -if” about all the features. Same thing with sailing.  What if we have to round up for some reason? How do we want to be configured when we turn the corner?

Unless its Simo, then all bets off.

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