Boat In A Box Gets Trucked

I got this picture of the 36 x 24 daycharter cat put on the trailer and headed to Kona.  Top shot is before bridgedeck is added.  Lower picture is with bridgedeck added.  It had to fit in the 8.5′ x 14′ limits for highway.



2 thoughts on “Boat In A Box Gets Trucked”

  1. Call me silly but I thought that the limits are 9×12. The roads are 11 and you need 1 on each side. The 12 is variable depending of the top. It might be 14 if you have a stiff roof.

    1. I see in today’s paper that the truck that took out the bridge last year was supposed to be only 15′-9″ but was actually 15′-11″.

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