Bowtube Details

I’m catching up enough to take the time to post things I saw early this summer. Here is an interesting comparison again on the 65 charter cats. Side by side my 65 daycharter Alii Nui and a Trilogy 65 by Marples. Both were built by Schooner Creek only a few years apart. The Constant Camber 65 was interesting because it had almost everything that CM had 30 years ago (and still does)  and almost nothing that CC had back then; except having to build a surfaced mold.

Here are two ways to do the bow tube ends.  First,  Alii Nui.  Notice  how the tramp extrusions on the hull are at the same plane as the slide groove in the mast section.  The tramp can be flat and secure.    Notice also that the hull brackets are on the inboard side, not the top.  That allows a shorter bow tube, which is stronger.  And no chance to trip over the bracket on deck.


Now the other cat.  And notice how the vertical tabs can bend back under load.  I imagine they will have to keep after the caulk joints at the  hull.  Notice above how the bracket is bolted to the hull.  No delta at all.




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