Canon Financial Services

Canon makes a great printer, but CFS out of New Jersey is the sleeziest organization that I have come across in years. I bought the printer with the understanding that I would make 3 years of payments then it was mine.  Contrary to what was said, it turned out actually that I could buy it from them then. The vendor told  me that was news to him and we would work something out when the 3 years were up.
I wasn’t really paying attention to when the time was up. It was up in November, but as they told me, “we will never tell you when the 3 years are finished”.   And the extra payments are considered frosting to them and gone. 

I have been given 2 weeks to pay in full, but they will insist on getting two more payments afterwards or they can ruin my credit.  And it is all governed by the laws of NJ. Note to anyone else in future, they are utterly dishonest.


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  1. It is usually some middleman that makes this type of rules. I usually call the factory when the situation is unbearable.
    I switched to Brother (yes they make sewing and weaving machines) for a much dependable product. You are not printing Playboy centerfolds to be tied to Canon.

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