Catamaran Bow Truss Fail

The KHSD 42′ daycharter catamaran operating out of Key West, Blu Q, suffered a total bow truss failure. I call it a bow truss instead of bow tube because it was built as a Gold Coast style unit out of timber.  I expect that the GC units had pin ends.

It did have more than 25 years of service in it.  And rot was involved.  The take away lesson is that it had  fixed ends instead of pin ends.  I’m sure the repeated stress started a crack and water got in.   It is being replaced by a standard aluminum mast section bowtube.



IMG_7781 (1)

3 thoughts on “Catamaran Bow Truss Fail”

  1. Hi – I think your take away message is incorrect. If it gave 25 years of service and it failed due to poor maintenance as suggested then the pin ended or rigid end fixturing is irrelevant. Cheers Peter S

    1. I can’t be sure, but I’m guessing the delta finally opened up a crack and the water took over after that. Pin end would not have cracked, I am assuming.

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