Catamaran Grounded

I don’t know yet what design, but I have always said that a catamaran with keels is the worst possible craft to run aground in.

On a mono, the crew can kedge off of the top of the mast. I’ve been there. On a tri, the slackers can all be ordered onto the ama.

A cat with keels is a whole difference scenario, and better hope that you don’t get neaped.   A cat with boards can stop, determine the way back out, lift the boards, and flee back.  Keels don’t allow that.  Thats part of why I prefer boards, among all the other reasons from pointing better to being able to perform repairs while underway.

2 thoughts on “Catamaran Grounded”

  1. It would have helped to mention it was Lagoon 52 charter out of the Virgins. It would have also helped to show a picture of the keels.

    If you don’t have keels, you need a strong bottom and fusible (shear) appendices. You might get screwed either way by the elements (currents, winds, tides etc). As far as grounding, we all have been there.

    The story triggered some memories of Great Inagua where my boat got lightly searched by the CG just after a big party night when we were trying to get some shut eye. The DEA has there a blimp and CG said that it would be a lot of smuggling going on that day because the blimp was down for maintenance. The CG does steal sailboats in that area with the classic bull “traces of controlled substance”. If you need parts the Bahamas are a great place for five finger discounts (anchors, masts etc).

    1. I had none of that information when I got the newsflash. And it would have made no difference knowing the model to illustrate my case. As you might know, KHSD multis have lots of laminate at the possible rub points and the option for raisable or kick-up every appendage.

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