4 thoughts on “Category 1 for Multihulls”

  1. There were a few large race proas that raced offshore and did well. There was of course Cheers and later Tahiti Douche which won the LaBaule-Dakar yacht race. I think the main reason they are not included in Cat1 is that not many modern proas have been entered in races of recent years so there is lack of data on which to base safety requirements. Some races like the Solo Trans Tasman welcome any kind of multihull if it can complete the qualification requirements safely or is Cat1 compliant.

  2. The weight of the in/outboard is to far aft, we have to redo the cockpit. The connections from the floats to the beams have to be strengthened. Alas was Pamela aiming very high, not having the funds for it, I almost got broke but survived. If Gecko is finished again I hope Pamela comes along, she deserves it. Hell of a sailor.
    She can teach me a lesson. Still very happy with Gecko.
    How are the ladies doing. Big hug for them.
    Question: Is it still a Hughes Design? If so I will advertise your name on the boat as it was written originally. Haiko

  3. As far as safety, having good plans, drills and some excellent equipment is more important than the knocking of all the safety list equipment. I hate the inflatable life jackets Abandoning an unsinkable ship for a life raft is madness in 99% of the cases (yes there are a few cases such as being pounded and stuck on a reef). I always had about 90% of the stuff listed only to eventually get better things and get rid of the stuff that was in the way and provided a false sense of security.
    Probably at 70% after a couple of years of experience with the boat.

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