Comparison of Cruising Multihulls 2013

Calvin H. Markwood’s 5th Edition “Analysis and Comparison of Cruising Multihulls 2013” is available as a free read at this link. (OK as of Feb. 17th this link does not work.  I will leave here and maybe will be fixed soon.)

 When I tried to look at it I see that I’m required to log in.  The email line does not allow copy and past so you have to type.

Then I came up with password.  I was disallowed in because my name was invalid, although I was never prompted for a name.   You might think it was Bill Gates’ Paypal account.

If I recall correctly,  my designs compare as under canvassed as I only count the blade and not genoas.  Many other designs count the genoa area.  I thought it was this group who

did not discriminate between jibs, but I was not allowed to look and see for sure.

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