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Back on the 10th.
A lot of what multihulls are about is doing much more with much less. Along that line find a very interesting event coming this June 2nd at University of Washington.
Actually I’m surprised they didn’t include multihulls, (and maybe even local designers who are alums?)

To register, visit:
Look at some of the topics:

Pamela Ronald
Genetically Modified Conservation
Pamela Ronald wants to use modern genetic techniques to create a new brand of
agriculture that slashes insecticide use, increases yield, and thrives in a warmer,
wetter world.

Yoram Bauman
A More Verdant Tax Code
Yoram Bauman, a University of Washington economist and standup comedian, thinks
we’ve got the tax system backwards. We tax things we want more of (i.e. paychecks),
not things we want less of (i.e. pollution). Doing the opposite would yield cleaner
air and
flusher bank accounts.

John Edel
Indoor Urban Agriculture
John Edel, a Chicago entrepreneur, has transformed an abandoned meatpacking facility
into the nation’s first vertical farm. His goal is to bring large-scale,
net-zero-waste food production right into the middle of the city.

Joe Roman
Invasive Species Cuisine
Joe Roman, a biologist at University of Vermont, believes we can best tackle
outbreaks of non-native species by serving them up-for dinner.

David Allen
What is a Smart Building?
David Allen, executive vice president of the engineering, construction and energy
services firm, McKinstry, designs super-efficient buildings that “know” when to
consume, shift, store-and even generate their own energy.

Brent Constantz
Cement that Absorbs Carbon Dioxide
Brent Constantz, an entrepreneurial marine geologist from Stanford, believes that by
mimicking the way marine organisms create shells, he can manufacture concrete in a
way that traps carbon rather than spews it.

Susan Mac Cormac
A New Twist on Capitalism
Susan Mac Cormac, a corporate lawyer with Morrison & Foerster, helped launch a novel
corporate form a kind of hybrid between a nonprofit and a corporation that has the
flexibility to pursue both profits and stewardship.

Sherri Ritter
Nature Inspired Engineering
Sherry Ritter, research and education specialist with the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute,
teams biologists with engineers, architects, designers, chemists, and others to
design super-efficient, ecofriendly technology based on nature’s time-tested

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