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At first glance, this has no multihull content, but in fact relates to boatbuilding.
I had always wanted to see if taking the SIP panel method way forward using composite technology could make better land buildings. Could boatbuilding help land building? I decided to try it out over in the desert of eastern Washington.   See


Last May I met with Grant County Building Dept. They told me if I met code on things like egress and wiring, and got the plans stamped, they would approve it.  I did both.

I also did some research and contacted the people who write the IRC codes to see if there were any avenues to take that would give the county some extra cover. They suggested some, which I forwarded to the building dept.

Dave Nelson, the Building/Fire Marshall head there did not take it well. He rejected the submittal and reminded me that “the IRC gives me, the Building Official, the sole right to interpretation of the building Codes.” Basically saying “we don’t need no city people coming over here and telling us what we can do.” And he then stated that he intends to make it as difficult for me as possible. “…the building official can require testing to be done by qualified testing agencies… This would be required on almost every component of this project.”

 It looks like they are going to make me work for it.  Innovation is a tougher and more expensive slog than I thought it would be.  I didn’t expect them to be so rigid.

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