Desktop Background

One of the new features on my windows 7 is that I can now have a constantly changing background. I have chosen the so far over 280 pictures from the blog. I think its pretty cool. Does anyone else want these? I can’t email as they come to 205 mg for

some reason. A DVD?
Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Desktop Background”

  1. Your web guru should be able to set up a download site – though it may bust your bandwidth. And somebody has the ability to sell downloads via their shopping cart (Sure of Google Shopping, and probably Amazon as well, but it may be more prevalent today) so that you can at least charge for the bandwidth….

  2. If you gathered the pictures in a folder accessible from the website, people who are interested could download some or all of them on their own.

    Maybe the pictures are already stored in a folder separate from the blog texts.

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