Disappointing Ferry Project

This sad project took a turn for the worse and remains another example of the need to sort out your mission statement before you build the hulls. And I spent dozens of hours hand-holding these guys.  They bought plans to the 32 ferry and wanted it stretched to 38.  But would only pay for the hull lines revision.

Years later they started again, demanding that it now carry 44 pasengers and cargo.   The hulls were already built, about the size of a 40′ trimaran amas, but weighed 1500 lbs each (3.5 lbs/sqft) so it was already in a huge payload deficit.  I talked them down to 40 seats and no cargo.

I 3D modeled the new design, sent ortho drawings of the new design, did new weight study,  designed  added laminates for impacts, structural updates and all the hand holding to try to save the project.  I gave them a minimal fee.

I just got word that if I didn’t agree to more design work at no cost to them, they would find a  new designer.  Corrosive when they got so much.  Remind me not to do more work than is paid for, in the future.




4 thoughts on “Disappointing Ferry Project”

  1. I too bought your ferry design but never built it. My experience is more positive however. I was greatly inspired by your excellent design and have ended up purchasing a sailing catamaran and am converting it into the solar powered boat I want. Anyone interested in my experience building this boat may contact me by going to my website at http://www.espcat.co.nz

  2. Sound like a bunch who want something for nothing from everyone, including mother nature. They’ll go far, I’m sure. Similar experiences in my own, non-nautical field have helped shape a grief-inspired component of my own business model: Bill early and often.

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