Don’t Tell Carl

I know that I have complained in the past about the fiberglass prices at Fisheries Supply.  Overall though they have better prices than any other place that I know of.  I recently bought some hardware at Ballard Hardware, since it was near where I was at CSR.  The parts were 2 to 3 time the cost of the same items at Fisheries.  Hence “don’t tell Carl” (the owner).  I also had to get some microbaloons on Labor Day.  Fisheries was closed so I got the West Marine experience.  Half the size and double the price.

At IBEX I have told myself that if I miss a booth, I can probably find the same product on display at Fisheries.

I am worried that I have been seeing empty shelf phenomena at Fisheries lately.  Not sure if that is important, but.  In the past I have seen companies like Murray Pacific Salvage and Boeing Surplus go away.  I had assumed other companies would emerge to do the same thing.  It never happened.

I urge everyone to take advantage of Carl and get their boat things at Fisheries.  They can’t be replaced.

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