Dragonfly Rolled (the Seattle one)

The local Seattle formula 40 catamaran Dragonfly capsized during the Cow Bay Regatta. Not my design.  It was originally from New Zealand and was originally named Simply the Best. It’s owner Pat is one of the best sailors I know.  I hope to find out more soon, but I was told that it rolled over on a reach after stuffing into a kelp bed.  It was a heavy air day.  If it could happen to Pat, it could happen to anyone.  I see the boat is on the hard in Everett, sans mast.  Pic is on happier days.



7 thoughts on “Dragonfly Rolled (the Seattle one)”

  1. Can anyone tell me anything about a recent multihull I purchased in Everett called the “invictus” ive got 52 hrs into rebuilding the damage and floated her up river. Ive read as much as I can find on the net and would be glad to sit down and talk with possibly one of her former crew. Thanks

  2. Typical of racing multihulls to roll over (with the initial momentum on the diagonal that starts from the front lee ama) when encountering an obstacle at the front lee ama.
    Some racing designers have the front of the amas break off which is considered a flaw by this blog… I do consider it a safety tradeoff for those with access to money printing.

    1. an ama bow weak enough to break off probably would start bow-steering often. not a good idea to break off at all. Geko has about 0.45m of foam at each ama bow as a crush function. Better as I see it.

  3. Glad they managed to recover the boat ok, it’s a bit of a perennial favorite here in Australia from when it was campaigned as Simply the Best by Jamie Morris.

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