E-Study Plans Workaround

Part of reorganizing this business so I don’t spend all my time in the post office was to raise to price of print study plans so they finally pay their way.  And to introduce e-study plans. The first part was done, but not the second yet I see.

I thought of a workaround until it is done. If you want an e-study plan, order the design book and declare that you live somewhere overseas like Botswana. Then email me noting that you did order book but that you want a particular study plan. I only need your email address to send them to. There are only three designs that have no e-study plans but they will be phased out soon with all the time I will have now.

5 thoughts on “E-Study Plans Workaround”

  1. I would really appriciate that (sending me edrawings).

    For the remenber, It would have been possible if I have been aware that you preparing post a package
    for me.
    Historicaly, you ask me to choose between e- and paper drawings. I have then notified a taste for e-drawings but one saturday I have an air mail containing drawings…But I knew your amount of work so I forgave you instantly.
    For the savings, I wondered why you’ve spent so much money on post and printer’s fees.

    Thanks you for your great attention to your clients’ experience.

  2. Yes, I have request for edrawing and received TRI 79 papers drawings.

    I don’t know if European Mastercards are different but what I know is that I was unable to pay with mine (it’s works for other payment in US and all over the world). So paypal was the only option and it was not my taste. And It offers me a windows time that I could have used to pay me back during post process. Things that you seam to face in some cases. Which is completely “unfair”.

    1. now I understand. I must have just been plowing through a lot of study plans. would have saved me a lot of time and money to remember that. I get about 50 to 100 emails a day so I can lose track.
      do you still want the e-plans to it?

  3. Hi Kurt,

    Will it work for previous request ? edrawing requested and paper received.

    Will you manage to make european mastercards working for your payment process ? Cause paypal is not so appriciate here in Europe. And there is no way to recall our payment back during air mail in process and so you will be secured in this way.

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