Email Down

My email is a mess just now. Outlook was gettingĀ its folder too full so I tried to start another one. It would not. Maybe Outlook 2000 only takes a few folders. I tried a workaround to ship the files to another folder. It took all day and only sent half of them. The result with each folder half full crippled both of them.

My Gmail will no longer recognize my password on the computer, but will on the smart phone. Am going to have to do something major and soon.

I do have the squirrel mail on the laptop so will use that for this week and next at IBEX.

One thought on “Email Down”

  1. I do recommend for you to go to a PAID web-mail on the business part coupled with a READ only OS (operating system). There are several good ones.

    This is not for the faint of heart average user. Someone knowledgeable probably needs 3-4 hours to set it up.

    Example: Tails on a Switch Write Protect USB (Kanguru USB), and Hush mail. You can turn on and off the switch to download files and upgrade.

    Several to chose from don’t get stuck on my recommendation. Stay away from connecting to anything with Microsoft or other popular systems NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS.

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