Epoxy Primer

tumblr_od2hcj358j1sb68qpo1_1280I got the epoxy primer on all the furniture in the lunar lander dwelling. I used a Matson 2 part epoxy product that seems to be just like 545 but at about half the price. With Awlgrip T00031 reducerĀ it rolls and tips wonderfully. I buy at Farwest Paints here in Seattle. They sell a lot to Boeing.

2 thoughts on “Epoxy Primer”

  1. Hello Kurt,

    I’m interested in this Matson 2 part epoxy primer. I want to prep and paint over a previously painted surface. I would hope it would seal and stabilize the existing paint so it wouldn’t have to be striped to bare metal. Can I get a part number or some way I can tell a sales rep what I want?

    1. anyone there would know what you are talking about.
      The existing paint must be 2 part already. Every air dry paint that I know of will bubble up with it, just like a 2 part poly would also do to it.

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