Farther Behind

I’m falling farther and farther behind on everybody’s work as both useless emergencies and important ones keep popping up. This week a guy who bought stock plans still underway demanded all his patterns immediately. He will not be building anytime soon. It’s triage here with those sorts of things as the office still costs more than it brings in. He mentioned the word refund if he doesn’t get all the patterns by tomorrow. He has also noted that he will change everything. I guess that means the patterns will be actually useless. Having to refund would wipe me out. At the same time, every step closer to getting the USCG certified updates done, seems to step back. Yesterday they stopped the process until the OCMI could certify the specific gravity of the seawater. Day before they stopped the process until I could prove and locate the watertight bulkhead. They have lost all drawings before 1990 so they don’t ask for help, they demand. This is really wearing on me.

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