In any sailing magazine now we see that reverse bows are all the rage. For any multi to look new, it must have them now. I’m seeing an odd trend where designers are now adding reverse bows to any frumpy old design and presenting it as a whole new design. Its like any overweight production cat can now claim that it shares DNA with the America’s Cup cats. I do understand that the reverse bows do help a bit in smoothing the ride, but guys, if you put a hood scoop on a 1993 station wagon, it is still a station wagon. Like on the pic, it could even be a fragile station wagon, but it has the swag now.  Its like a yuppie magnet.
I have been doing reverse bows on many designs for at least 5 years, and I respect the power of the style tide. But look at all the station wagons posing.


8 thoughts on “Fashion”

  1. Added reverse bows (at great labor, fairing and tears expense) to my KH multi under construction. looks great and still has the performance of a KH design.

  2. Nothing wrong with reverse bows on a fat hulled 42′ cat that 3′ of extra overall length couldn’t do better. Except catch yuppies.

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