Fiberglass Shakeout

Big changes are going on in fiberglass suppliers.
I found prepackaged bits of 4 oz glass at Fisheries Supply. No price but I guessed it couldn’t be too bad. Wrong. It was list at $10/yard (50″) . That is triple what I got it for at Fiberlay and just double with the Fisheries discount.
A fellow there said Fisheries doesn’t want to handle fiberglass anymore. Something about hurting his back.

One thought on “Fiberglass Shakeout”

  1. We have the same thing here, 1 sq yd packages of mat for $6.95 but we sell bulk off a 50″ roll for $3.95 a running yard. 4oz cloth for $10.95 a yard, we will soon carry a 50″ wide roll and it should be around $5-$6 a yard.

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