Finally, A Modern Oceanliner

Its only half way there not being a catamaran, but it has X bow and maximum waterline length. And a forest of wingsails. Chris Anderson style.  Designed and being built in Japan.  They should  have hired Chris as consultant.


2 thoughts on “Finally, A Modern Oceanliner”

  1. Wing sails on a cruise ship can be a good application of wind power assist.
    The wing sails do not appear to have flaps or any device that will increase the power of the wing sails. A wing sail with flaps can achieve lift coefficients in the order of 2.7 and 2.8 very close to the stall.
    wing sails without any high lift device will have a lift coefficient below these numbers , possibly 1.8 to 2.0 maximum.
    for the same wing area, there could be more thrust, or for the same thrust less wing area.

    I am the wing sail designer for OceanFoil.


  2. Consultant… I wish! Though not sure I yet have the ‘practice’ to go with my theory, other than my one day in the wind-tunnel with a 1:20 model, but thanks for the mention, mate.
    And that sure is one impressive X-bow, eh. Solar, too.
    Even with the 10 rigs, they really are a long way above the roll-center…
    They could ‘rock & roll’ very nicely to windward too, but no doubt sick passengers would object!
    I’ll watch with interest – do you have a link? Cheers, Chris.

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