Foam Still Available

The most common feature that I hear about now with foam/glass multi builds is the difficulty in finding and getting core. I can’t believe this lot hasn’t been all grabbed yet. It has a waiting time of as soon as you pay for it.
It’s ideal for multis of 35 to 55 feet long. Bob Lanford, I gave seller your number that you gave me. It doesn’t work. Hit me with another way to contact you.
some glass is also still available.
prices are very good.
3/4″ 19mm (6PCF)
(Bead & Cove) Planks – 2.50″ Wide – 89.50″ Long = 235.75 sq. in.
235.75 sq. in. / 144 = 1.55381/sq. ft. per plank
120 sq. ft. /1.55381/sq. ft per plank = 77.2 planks

Plank Count /Box = 272 planks
5 Boxes = 1360 planks = 121,720.00 Inches/12 = 10,143.33 Total feet

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