Gel Magic

I have been using System 3 Gel Magic for my bogging jobs for a while.
The resin part is blue and I call it Smurf snot. Apparently you have mixed it enough when the color goes away. I mix even more just in case. 

I especially like it over epoxy and powder mix for two reasons.  First, I am able to mix something like twice the bog volume in a given time because I don’t have to take the time to mix in powder.  And if you throw it at some part’s vertical  surface, it just hangs there, not dripping.
I had been using regular hardner and it was going off too fast in even just 70 degree days. I finally got the extra slow and its just what I needed working by myself on the project.
Interestingly, if you add any powder, the “just hang there” goes away and it slumps. For that reason, when I extend it with spheres powder, I also add cabosil.

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