GF 42 Trimaran

I first saw this trimaran design a couple of weeks ago and had to mull over what I was seeing. My first reaction was it needs a couple of feet of main hull added aft so it trims right in light air.

As I thought about it more, I realized that it was refreshing that he has broken out of the symmetric and “functional” thinking constraints.  It is visually appealing.  It makes me think maybe I can show some of the weird designs that I have been thinking of. 

Back when I went from architecture to naval architecture, the land one was stuck and formulaic.  The multihulls were where real innovation was going on, then.  Now, except for proas, it seems like multis have become formulaic. 

This unit will be heavy and expensive, but he broke out in a great way.  He loosened everything up.  I like that.  I do hope that it doesn’t mean that I have to put Hyundai ridges on everything now.


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