Glass Boat Windows

There is not a single square nor rectangular window anywhere on the lunar lander dwelling (built like a boat) that I’m building. And the building department has forbidden any acrylic boat windows. And all windows must be double pane at least, with argon between the panes. Windows from stores like Home Depot are all rectangles. What do I do?

At Pacific Marine Expo fishing industry boat show last week I found several companies that build double pane glass windows to any shape. I simpy take them an autocad file of the shapes I want and they cut them out.  This could apply to any multi needing actual glass windows.

I do not know about price yet. These companies are:


AJR Windows

Boat Windows


4 thoughts on “Glass Boat Windows”

  1. That’s easy. Just go to Home Depot and buy the cheapest windows available. Glue them over your acrylic widows with junk 2×4 casings attached with silicone. When they blow off a day after the building inspection final approval, who could have thunk it?

    1. good idea, except the fire control has to be on the inside. One of my goals is to find a legal path and good design; which may not be the same thing.

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