Good Reason To Build Your Own Boat

If you built your own multi, this would not be happening. 



5 thoughts on “Good Reason To Build Your Own Boat”

  1. One needs the assistance of an independand expert for such projects, even if one is an expert himself. (I do not considder whomen to come up with such havoc 😉 ) But such is expensive, and everything on this boat looks like a cheap trick. Maybe that does also count for the price the owner had payed for his ship?
    On the other hand why does a boatbuilder take the risk of people being drowned by faults of the builder? Such cases often happen when the builder is actually bankrupt already and can not afford propper technicians, propper material etc.
    So these projects start to exist, filling one gap with the other. Untill it sinks . . . .

  2. NEEL Trimaran Boat of the Year nominee— Cruising World 2002
    ” honestly, if you call yourself a sailor, this is a boat that should seriously pique your curiosity.” Bruneel was the grand fromage (“big cheese”) at Fountaine Pajot catamarans, where he oversaw the construction of hundreds and hundreds of boats, so he knows multihulls inside and out.” Cruising World review 2013

    That says it all. Anybody dumb enough to read and trust the prostitutes who write boat “tests” in sailing magazines deserves to be ripped off. At least if they went to a real prostitute they would receive a service instead of the shaft.

    “Trust but verify” Ronald Regan. Unless you have years of experience building and repairing boats yourself, find an independent owner’s representative who does, pay him well, and don’t buy anything until you’ve wiped away all the BS hiding the reality of what the ocean will uncover.

  3. I believe Neel doubled or tripled the price lateley to take care of most issues shown. No excuse for previous crap work.

  4. They didn’t need a punch list… they needed to start over.
    As a pro builder, I have discovered some pretty sloppy workmanship in even some of the top quality boats. This, however is egregious.
    Regulation and industry interest has improved construction methods greatly over the past 30 years and it has been to every ones benefit.
    This is not an example of what I would expect from even a builder of less expensive yachts. It is flat out dangerous. Their list of complaints are real and not knit picking. I see much there, that they don’t mention, that is not acceptable work. It has been a while since I have seen wiring that poor on a production yacht.
    Had I been the owners rep, we would have walked away from that build early on. Which brings me to another rant. Had they had a pro rep, they would not be in the jam I presume they are in—namely— a pig of a boat and the company has their money!

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