Grit Launch

Paul started with the KHSD 45 cruising cat plans, but wanted some changes. I did a composite bow tube design for him.
I don’t recall being told it would be forward cockpit. The helm is indoors, which is always good.

One thought on “Grit Launch”

  1. Thanks for the compliments Kurt. You may remember some other changes you did for us. With your help, we extended the hulls to just over 49 feet, and shortend the bridgedeck by the length of the forward berths. You modified the main beam from the outsider 48, to fit our boat.
    The forward cockpit is due to balance issues I have. It’ll keep me off the side decks, and on board in rough seas.

    The davits are carbon fiber, and operate with 12v captive winches. We’re building this boat for our retirement, so most everything is electric. A far cry from the KISS systems we had on our other boats.

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