He’s Baaaaak

Who is this again? Anyone know?  From the spelling,  maybe it’s a drunk posting?  I thought he was in rear view mirror.  Doesn’t he know nobody reads my blog?
I’m really pissed off that you’d make public statements devaluing my asset and impacting my income (real legal damages).
I have one last civil recourse before i do go to legal.
You need to take down every photo which you do not have permission to use and delete your comments on my boot in thoer entirety,
In exchange, the boat will not be a Kurt Hughes design and you can publicly say sonif it ever comes up.
All i bought your plans for was the hull/connectives. It’s my design. We can leave it at that, unless you want me to do more than have the attorneys send the demand letter.

Ball is in your court.
If you continue to create negative publicity for me and my boat, i will mot hesitate to sue you for the charter income and boat value damages.
Please let me know your decision”

One thought on “He’s Baaaaak”

  1. KURT,

    It is totally unbelievable that Sully/Catbuilder is in such denial!
    The internet is full of him stating over and over he is building a KURT HUGHES 45. I spent less than 5 mins to come up with this tidbit.

    Posted on Boat Design Forum on 11-12-2010 by Catbuider

    “Building is starting. Several questions in here. Answer any you like! 🙂
    I am beginning my build again. It is a Kurt Hughes 45′ catamaran in foam/glass.

    Based on conversations I have had here with some very helpful people (thank you!), I am building on a male mold. The plans is to:”

    And on the same forum and thread 1 week latter on 11-19-2010 post #56

    Catbuilder wrote;

    “Ok, the designer found the correct materials list that agrees with the plans. ”

    He not only states is your design he continued to ask for yourinput when building it.


    Ps if you want this to be dead and beried you can delite this response.

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