I’m Back

I’m back.
I never got headaches. Suddenly I had pounding ones.
Cat scans showed nothing.
I was about to board a flight to Kauai when Dr called. She said do not fly, go to emergency immediately.
I remember the ambulance ride to Swedish hospital and nothing of the next three days.
Years of warfarin had built up pressure in skull. It took two sets of burr holes to relieve the pressure.

First few days I couldn’t even use phone.
Much better now. Back in the office most days now

5 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. Dear Kurt. You are one my favorite yacht designer, since a lot of time ago !
    I like your cats designs by the simplicity.
    I happy you are well and working
    Cheers from an unknown admirer from Brazil !
    Ronaldo Fazanelli Migueis
    Naval Architect and Yacht Design

  2. Kurt: I was glad to see you are back working again and creating beautiful functional boats. Your post showing the mast installation on your 37′ personal boat Amilee was interesting. What a unique looking vessel, sturdy yet functional with sexy lines. Please share some more photos and design strategies. We flat-landers could use some inspiration with all the ‘Stay at Home’ government oversight that is quashing everyone’s income and creativity. Plus I think some folks might be inspired to purchase plans.
    Keep the faith and continue to do great work,
    Tome Edwards

  3. Hi Kurt,

    Great to have you back. I was worried that you were a Covid-19 victim.

    Not the best time to have a non-Covid-19 medical emergency obviously, but so happy you made it through at this stressful time.


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