Importance of a Mission statement

Every new design must have a detailed and accurate mission statement. Not everybody agrees with me, but I am right on this. I know of one boatyard here in on the west coast who believes all you need are hull lines and this stuff about mission statement (or weight study) are just designers trying to take people’s money.

Also a mission statement might change as a build progresses. That can be very bad. This beautiful rendering of the ArtCat 44 or maybe 46 now is an example of what the customer wanted changing as the job went along.  Not my rendering, but a beautiful one.  Originally it was to be a light efficient 40′ ocean cruiser with the hulls alone stretched to 44′. It evolved into a luxurious abode, but with the hull lines of the light, efficient cruiser. Mission statement people.  Course I know nothing about marketing.  Maybe light, efficient has no potential.


2 thoughts on “Importance of a Mission statement”

  1. HaHaHaHaHa.

    The story of my entire boat building career. Add 10,000# of polyester resin and Sub Zero refrigerators to a LightSpeed and what do you get?

    Or as John McCaw said after purchasing the 112′ Venturosa, “is there any way we can replace the pilothouse windows that you engineered to withstand full green water impact from a 175 knot hurricane to make them bulletproof?”

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