2 thoughts on “Industrial Strength Metric Convert”

  1. Google can do most conversions right from the search bar.. e.g. search “100 kW in hp”
    result: “100 kilowatts = 134.102209 hp”

    Or try “1.7e6 fathoms per fortnight in knot”
    result: “1.7e6 (fathoms per fortnight) = 4.99614317 knot.”

    Better yet, it’ll do unit conversions on expressions, e.g. search “275 N / (4 mm * 6 in) in psi”
    result: “(275 N) / ((4 mm) * 6 in) = 65.4287695 pounds per square inch”

    neat-o 🙂

    1. good one. I kind of dimly rememberd that but had forgotten. surely works for even most esoteric conversions.
      I am lazy so typing takes me more effort than just using mouse and enter a number with convert program.

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