Installing Hardware: Note To Future Self

“All the SS FHMS that I used to install the winches and other hardware were rubbed with mold release wax and painted with green soap first. So despite being epoxied in, they can be removed when I upgrade or move the hardware a bit. Without the car battery and jumper cables trick.”


3 thoughts on “Installing Hardware: Note To Future Self”

  1. I have used WD40 or light oil with success. Drop screw in oil then warm and let excess drain and wipe with towel. Soldering iron works, but can be slow for a lot of screws.

  2. Just wondering if you had some guidelines for pitch, material strength etc for this method. I’ve always used the soldering iron and ice method. Some use some kind of vibration tool and ice (this is first hand hearsay). I heard of cryogenics sprays but too many inbetweens to try it. Some Seal-Tights I used did an OK job for anchor hardware.

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