Back on Kauai again in May.  I didn’t get a chance to do an intervention. Keep in mind Buckminster Fuller’s concept of getting the most performances out of a certain amount of materials.  An imaginary blob of foam, glass and epoxy could go many ways.

I don’t know who designed this unit, but the owners could have had a far better daycharter cat, like the Alii Nui. I was told it has the same or more weight than my 65, and carries the same number of passengers. The deep draft, overhanging bow  and heavy rocker tells me that it will pitch like a dog, and require huge engines to move at any speed. And being so narrow and tall, it will roll like crazy in beam on waves. If I could have only made an intervention.


2 thoughts on “Intervention”

  1. Hi Kurt, I played a major roll in refitting a sistership, a few years back. Turdpollishing, for sure.

  2. You’re abosolutely right about its motion. We did a day trip to the Napali Coast on that boat. In beam sea it whipped everyone back and forth. On the return trip the captain went about a mile south past the harbor so we wouldn’t have beam seas going back in. It pitched like a teeter-tawter, riding the bow was like being on a trampoline. All those hand rails are for everyone to hold onto while moving around.

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