Is Bob Smith Missing?

Is This Catamaran Missing?
By John Arndt | December 17, 2018 | Sea of Cortez, Mexico | 0
Former Latitude 38 editor LaDonna Bubak just alerted us to a Cruisers Forum note that cruiser Bob Smith, of the home-built 44-ft catamaran Pantera, hasn’t been heard from in three months. His daughter, Natalie, has become concerned. Natalie reports that Bob has been living aboard in Mexico for the past 10 years. He typically remains in touch on a regular basis. Brad of the SV Perspective reports seeing him on October 19 on the Bay of Los Angeles in the Sea of Cortez with all well.  Pantera is an active, well-known cruising cat along the Mexican coast, and a vet of the 2006 Baja Ha-Ha. We just want to help put Natalie’s concerns to rest.

Bob was in my office a dozen times as we did the design.  At the dawn of CADD. Hope he is ok.

2 thoughts on “Is Bob Smith Missing?”

  1. My name i Barry Parkinson of and we are here in La Paz Mexico where Bob was moored up until July 2018.
    I am trying to peace together a report about the Boat to explain to Bob’s friends here what might have happened.
    If anybody has any boat measurements of the Beam and Sail area & Freeboard, that would be helpful.
    The center Pod looks to be 18 to 20′ back from the Bow, that is asking a lot to stop the Bows diving under the water, one Pod Cat I know has its Pod Bow at the front in line with the two bows, that is 18′ of missing buoyancy on Pantera with only 4′ Freeboard, seems at lot on the light side to me, I wonder what Kurt Hughes has to say, come in Kurt, you did some work on the boat I read.

    1. Hi Barry,
      I would have to dig up the ancient archives to measure what we did. Except for the hull lines and foil shapes, I recall that plan set was all pre CADD so harder to dig up archives.

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