It’s Tuesday. Website and Email Server Down Again.

It started working again late Friday.  Until 9:23 today.

I have been on with baffled tech group again.  And I have message with management.  Waiting for both.  Am sure will be fixed soon.

One thought on “It’s Tuesday. Website and Email Server Down Again.”

  1. My guess is Digital Extoriion.

    Your data (aka digital info collected): independent operator; enough Internet income generation to be dependent on e-trade, bank account daily balance… etc. This info is plugged into a programm that tries to move you into the cloud (aka paid dependency, aka extortion ).

    If your data is secured enough (don’t know your situation) and your experience/knowledge is EXTREMELY unique and can’t be replicated, you will experience only nudges and annoyances. You don’t want to kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

    The decision is yours: pay=join, fight or other!

    People talk about freedom but when they see a free individual they get scared. When MF get scared they become dangerous. You are old enough to have heard it and experienced it before.

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