KHSD 45 Launch

I was sent a link to the launch of one of my 45 cats. It does not say whose boat it is. Splashy orange paint makes it look like a G4.



I do have several concerns upon looking closer.  Where did the forward cockpit come from?  I thought both Lat 38 magazine and I made good cases against doing that.  Imagine opening the front door slugging  to windward in a gale.

Next, vertical windows?  Trying to imitate Gunboat again?  Even my F150 doesn’t have vertical windows.   I can’t tell if the window framing is plywood or foam/glass, but my sense is the windows will be blown out in the first chop the boat encounters.  That would be survivable if the boat had a weather deck.  That is coamings at the companionways.  It does not.  I hope I don’t see this unit on the news.  A design is not a basket of features; it has to have an underlying cohesion of concept.


3 thoughts on “KHSD 45 Launch”

  1. Hi Kurt,
    Looks like you need to include a clause in your contract that requires clients to contact you after the build is complete and obtain written permission to name KHSD as the designer of record. It is common in the megayacht business for owner’s to demand that their identity not be public — why not yacht designers? Oh right— megayacht owners have to worry about being attacked by the commoners whose money they stole through Ponzi schemes to finance their boats.

    The latest Earthwise boat looks great.

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