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As far as I know, no KHSD multis were lost in Hurricane Matthew.
I did get some pictures of my survivors.

Pat’s 37 tri Sumo


The 56′ cruising cat Camarah Wind well secured.


and finally the orange one.


By kurt

3 thoughts on “KHSD Hurricane Survivors”
  1. What about this “beauty” really? C’mon Kurt! a really shit copy of Gunboat. Plus you should write about this design- We all know how dangerous those windows can be… You should write about this too. I made a dangerous design- This is what you would haven written if it was someone else or you would have been compared it to GB and laughed how uglyduck it is!

    1. you think I did the Gunboat copy? Dude. I first saw it when you did. Actually he threatened to sue me for not be supportive…

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