Lake Chelan Ferry Molds

Amazing rapid construction by Albert, the Thain Boatyard shop lead. Not everyone might understand that this female mold is developed plywood, with minimal fairing. I had been doing this with CM before, but Albert simplified it even better.
He CNC cut out the stations, then tortured a single layer of 4mm ply into it.
That is huge time savings. It becomes a big 3 D batten.
The other shape is the strip planked deck mold. It had to be done the old ways.  It looks like to could also be a party barge mold.

inside the ferry mold
outside the mold
the strip planked deck mold

One thought on “Lake Chelan Ferry Molds”

  1. Hulls could be used for a pod cat! 28′ beam, single 50hp steerable ob, spartan interior, fast as hell! Take that up your inside passage to Ak!Better yet, go around the outside!

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