Last Ocean Navigator

I am so bored with this by now. Hopefully this is the last.  I just came back to these gems.

Dude, get a life.  I copied all your messages.  I would be curious as to what you seem to think is libelous.  Spend all this energy making your boat seaworthy.

“Love how Kurt leaves out half my message. This is not a Kurt Hughes. I used his shitty, incomplete plans to obtain proper connectives and hull skins. Nothing about this is a dated, ugly, undesirable Kurt Hughes shitbox.
One more thing, Kurt. I have begun the process. I highly suggest you think clearly and remove this professional libel from your site. This was the last warning. I am funded and will not back down until this is gone or you go bankrupt in the process.
You want to play hardball? Two can play at this game. Wait until you see the site I make that will appear at the top of the search engine rankings when looking up you, your designs and your business.”

7 thoughts on “Last Ocean Navigator”

  1. Mate … get a grip on your ego. Why the condescension towards the plans and the designer after you purchased and then built??

  2. Kurt dont give this dweeb the attention his ego needs, ignore the loser, delete him. From the comments from people who know this child, he is obviously the type that puts out bad energy and what one puts out one gets back.

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