Lil Explorers Delivering Tanks

The extended KHSD 53 cat Lil Explorers has been helping with the typhoon cleanup.  Their most recent job was to deliver a pair of giant water tanks.

Tanks for Vanuatu! Above & Beyond the Call of Duty.

When the crew of Sea Mercy’s Disaster Relief vessel “Lil Explorers” (Courage and Shannon) got word that the people living on two of the remote islands in Vanuatu were in grave danger and at risk (their water catchment containers had been destroyed by Cyclone Pam), they made a decision to find a way to help. Where everyone said it could not be done, they said they would find a way to help. The question was how to get the water tanks on their vessel and secure them enough to make the 80 mile sail to the devastated remote villages in order to deliver them? These pictures show that where there is a will there is always a way. Be warned, these pictures are not recommended to be viewed by the “faint of heart” sailors.

The good news is that containers (water tanks) made it safely, were offloaded safely (floated in), the remote island people were so grateful, and Lil Explorers and her crew came away unscathed and as hero’s. We’ll post the full story (along with offloading pictures and video) when they return to Port Vila and have internet again.

Thanks Lil Explorers!”


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  1. A shallow draft workboat catamaran seems to answer so many problems for these remote communities with minimal docking facilities, surprising there hasn’t been more built for this purpose really.

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