6 thoughts on “Living the Lithium Lifestyle – 3.5 Year Lithium RV Battery Update”

  1. Telstra Li on house battery.

    Perhaps.[ could be suitable for marine use / ] running all electronic equipment [ non inverter ] except heavy watts draw age like micro wave oven. Double battery = about 700 watts – weight = 200 kgs. Rechargeable from genset – solar panels and wind generator. Big difference is the guarantee live for the battery – ten years verses 2 years.


  2. The new generation Li on lithium batteries with 5x more capabilities are ceding the batteries the article refers to which some on the problems these batteries have issues with. Article was good for determining temperature control is an important factor and avoiding fire risk.

    Interesting to note the 180 amp hrs batteries weigh the same weight as the 360 amp hrs batteries.


  3. Most likely the best energy setup is a Honda EU2000. I had Trojan 6V golf cart (5-7 years lifespan), West Marine (2 years big mistake). You still have to go through all the cycles and maintenance every month. I carried the damn things on the deck so many times that I will only consider emergency use for batteries (6-12 hours bilge pumps). If you are well insulated (fridge, freezer) you can run the generator 4 hours every other day.
    The biggest consumer is by far the autopilot!

  4. Would not it be nice to start with one line telling what is the basic conclusion???
    Lots of words to tell almost nothing.
    Think I will skip you blog Kurt. Haiko

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