6 thoughts on “M & M Charter 45 Cat Build”

  1. I would have thought a low acquisition cost is part of the business plan of a charter business. I don’t know the market so cant really comment on whether a “premium” product can be sold at a higher rate.

    Instinctively from a business perspective I’d say no it would be better to have a simple workboat type boat of minimal purchase cost to lower overheads and offer a better experience and value to your customers on the charter itself.

    1. so Joe tell me. what did this cat have that Yellow Bird didn’t have? For a simple workboat like this, full on female molds are so past. Flat panel is the future. So tell me.

    2. and maybe you are right Joe. maybe there is no market for keeping cats affordable. maybe the future is they are only for millionaires with unlimited budgets. you might be right economically.

    3. I just talked to a builder who foolishly sent some drawings to M & M a few years ago for review. With his review letter, he got a bill for $15K as in 15 thousands. When he protested, they sent it to collections. That the future you like Joe?

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