“[MHml] Russell Brown does tortured ply hulls”

I see on Steamradio that Russell Brown has just discovered tortured plywood chapter in Gougeon’s boatbuilding book. http://www.ptwatercraft.com/Begining%20Tortured%20Plywood%201-6.pdf  And Steamradio is typically in awe of anything multihull royalty do. I do see that if he had used the tortured plywood chapter of the CM construction manual, he could have saved a lot of work and mystery. I do understand that for many people the goal is not to have  the boat but to embark on a personal discovery.  I get that.  If the goal is to get into a developed ply (or other) multi, my builders and I have probably sorted out the mysteries long ago.  The KHSD CM Construction Manual has a chapter on tortured ply and of course the CM for bigger boats.  (Ever try to bend a 9mm sheet of ply?)

I will gather and post here some of the illustrative tortured ply pics in the Manual as soon as I get caught up on deadlines.

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