Missing the MACMs

Usually this week of an even year I would fly to the Marine Applications of Composite Materials conference in Melbourne, FL. All the best and latest in marine composites was there.  Just about any question you could think of to do with composites was examined there.  Things like comparing cores, resins, and various fabrics.  Things like impact comparisons, of all the previous list.  Comparing the various composite joins.  Even my paper on comparing w

ing masts, one with a center spline to one with only bulkheads.  Reichard was big on composites testing.  Despite what Kelsall says, I say testing is the best way to sort out complex composite issues, with the number of variables controlled, so the issue can be isolated for study.  I met great people there. I only ever saw one other present multihull designer there (my friend Roger Hatfield).  I'm sorry to see these valuable conferences stop.