More 32′ Trimaran Runabout

The customer decided on the solid wing version of the trimaran runabout. The solid wing version below.  Microstation stopped being able to do any trim cuts so I can’t put holes in the shell anywhere. I have to get back where I can complain to tech again to find out why the fail.





4 thoughts on “More 32′ Trimaran Runabout”

  1. I like this version better. It has more grace. The other looks more military. I would love to see how the hull reactes to wave motion.

  2. This is an extremely good looking boat!

    Do you have a simple way to achieve those hull lines without solid molds? Is it going on a lift dock? I can see that the chairs are probably going to be benches with coolers under. You need a front anchor locker (seldom used) etc.

    PS I’ve just been hacked so I’ve been working on cleaning my computer for the last 3 days. I can feel your pain with these unreliable machines.

  3. Love the idea, but liked the original looks better. Kind of retro 1920 picnic boat look, very nice. Oh well the customer is the one your working for.
    Nice work on the 38 power tri as well. I keep looking at power multihulls, though still having fun sailing the F31. Hope that by the time I am ready for a power boat there is an Aspen 28 like power tri available.

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