More Cat 2 Fold

Several people have visited with Brian on C2F recently.

and this from Dr. Peter; “BTW, I spent a day last week on Cat2fold, in La Manzanilla, Mex. Now owned by a Brian Charette,. He cruises it on the Pacific side of Mexico and puts it on dry land in San Carlos, Mex, in the summer while he builds straw-bale houses in Wyoming and Idaho. One of the reasons he chose the boat was that he could fit in the boat- he is 6 foot 7,
blonde, rasta hair, very hip, 42 years old, lady-killer kind of dude.
Has two kids 8 and 11 who cruised with him for a month this year. Their
top speed was 18 knots surfing under bare poles. We did about 11 during
the day in about 18 ambient wind. It has to be the easiest smoothest rig
to run around with. I was so happy to give it a whirl because that is
the configuration I think I would end up with, paired to a big outboard,
once I get really old. So I thought you would appreciate an update on
one of your really original boats!”


One thought on “More Cat 2 Fold”

  1. Hey Kurt,
    Thanks for publishing this. I am flattered…
    I also wanted to correct that my kids are 6 and 8, not 8 and 11.

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