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The second note from Kevin.
“Hi Scott,
Here’s the results with the pulley changes. I will call shortly to discuss.

10/21 Re-test
Installed 18 tooth pulley on QT10 (port), and two 20 tooth pulleys on QT20 (stbd).
QT20 display always shows “Key on” regardless of position, but doesn’t show “hours”.
QT10 display doesn’t show “key” at all but does show “99 hours”

Boat is still very light with no water or equipment etc aboard. Bottom clean.
Running perpendicular to a 14knt breeze in flat water.
Port QT10 running alone achieved 139amps, 1460rpm on power setting 100, going 5.6knts
Starboard QT20 running alone achieved 341amps,1844rpm on power setting 76, going 8.2knts
With both motors running: port got 152amps at 1700rpm, starboard got 353amps at 1875rpm with a boat speed of 8.7knts

Running port only at 100amps achieves 5.5knt
“ Starboard “ “ “ 5.8knts

Running one motor at 50amps gets 4.5 kits
2motors at 50amps each gets 5.5

Running both at 100amps each gets 7knts and when running into the 14knt breeze that was reduced to 6knts.

Reduce pulleys more or re-prop?

Thanks, Kevin”

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