More On Nootka

I got a lot of links from several people. Thanks.  The pictures were informative to me. It did look like there was not enough bury for the Aero, but the report was not that the rig was dismasted.
Hard to tell about the beams, but nothing jumps out at me as trouble. It is a very different arrangement than Wharram would do. It’s much heavier. I wonder if it took a beating from the underside?





One thought on “More On Nootka”

  1. If the boat broke in two as stated, it indicates massive beam failure. If the old beams were not replaced nothing more needs to be said. If new beams were installed someone screwd up.
    All in all bad engineering which allows negative implications from nay sayers, insurance companies, etc. Hopefully the full story comes out truthfully, with accountability pointing in the right direction.

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